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Thread cubase sx3/tascam us-1641

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1 cubase sx3/tascam us-1641
hey there i bought the tascam us 1641 a while back and it worked fine with the cubase 4 that came with it however some old stuff i did on cubase 3 would not load up on the new version plus some plugins would not work so i took off the cubase 4 le and put back on sx 3 now when i use my interface it seemsto use up too much memory or something if i pause a recording it can stall for 3 to 10 minutes its a real pain. is there iny way around this?
Hmm..I would do a fresh install of Cubase...wipe off everything on the computer that has to do with Cubase and reinstall using whichever version you want to keep..if this doesn't help a fresh install of your whole system would probably do the trick..