funkyjames 01/19/2011

IK Multimedia iRig : funkyjames's user review

«  Not bad »

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Very easy to use while it works seul.Aucun problem.

It runs on iPhone 3G ios 4.2 and it works not bad, it's true that there's breath but you hear very well the volume. We certainly need the full version because there's the LE and a FREE version.
With the bass it rocks a lot because it happens to mitigate the blast. The pedals are very good. I think the iphone because it is better to turn again, everything comes to machine as it is normal. you can adjust the input gain and output and the amp itself and edit sound from the iphone then frankly we really hear the loud, albeit with a few blows but it used to train after everyone sees her door at noon to help.
It is worth its price 40 €.
I'm happy, you can buy extra pedals for 2 € to about 50, compressor type, limit, parametric equalizer etc..
This is the start of this stuff it only asks once then change in the IRIG pocket you can always upgrade to the best software versions, perhaps on IPAD it works even better who knows.
I put in airplane mode to make sure you do not have any interference.

I've had one day and so far I have tried nothing else, I await the Vox AC30. I like the octave it tears.
I certainly would do that choice. Know what you buy, it blows a bit but it works!