Waves X-Crackle
Waves X-Crackle

X-Crackle, Audio restauration software from Waves.

Hatsubai 08/04/2011

Waves X-Crackle : Hatsubai's user review

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With old analog recordings, especially those that have been transferred from vinyl, most people tend to experience the infamous crackles and pops that occur. This can be a real pain to remove manually. Thankfully, Waves has created a nice, neat plugin to help remove any noise and static pops from those old vinyl recordings. The plugin is very simple to use, thankfully. Just enable this inside your DAW on your master buss and go to town. It has adjustments for threshold, reduction, attenuation, monitor mode adjustments and more.


I've been using the Mercury bundle for half a year or so now, and it's been awesome. I've never experienced a single crash or issue with any of these plugins, including this one. No matter how many plugins I tend to load, my machine still keeps chugging along. The plugin itself is cross platform compatible, so nearly anybody can use this on his or her favorite machine. Personally, I'm a Mac user, so I'm using OS X on a Mac Pro with Logic Pro. There is one issue that I've been having, however. For the OS X users out there, this plugin is a 32 bit plugin. That means that your DAW will need to utilize a special bridge application for this to work inside your 64 bit DAW. It's not a huge deal, but it can be a bit of a pain, depending on how your particular DAW handles the 32 bit conversion.


The plugin is definitely solid, and it does the job. However, I don't have many vinyl recordings laying around. In fact, I have zero. I had to actually borrow one from a friend to test out this plugin and see how well it works. It works nicely, but I simply don't have much of a use for this. That's one of the reasons why I rated it the way I did. It's solid, but I don't see myself ever using this again. I guess you could maybe try it out on something old tapes or something that may exhibit some of these symptoms, but I don't have any of those either. I'm 100% digital at the moment. If you work with vinyl a lot, I'm sure this would be great for you.