Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
Line 6 Bass POD XT Live

Bass POD XT Live, Bass Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Live series.

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Chrizzik 01/01/2013

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live : Chrizzik's user review

«  I walk over with great pleasure »

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Oulala, there are plenty of things:
amp simulators, cabinets, stomp boxes (distos, cuts, autowah, etc..), effects (chorus, phaser, flanger, synths, etc.), reverbs, delays, choice of output system (according to whether it fits one leaves direct console, an amp, with or without tweeter)
All that is editable via PC software or via the pedal, but beware of the lumbago.
Connection honest, but no effects loop, and especially two outputs: one with effect, one without. You can set and send the bass and treble on one another (with crossover), but can not be used with 2 outputs the modulated signal.


The config is simple, the manual is very clear, very elaborate and ergonomics.
Taking automation quickly, and we are not surprised.


I more or less depending on the effects of happiness ...
For me distos remain-eating bass, amplifiers whose gain grows rapidly lose their natural character, and the synths are used sparingly (I say this because with such a serious effect is not always blessed)
Special dedication to the autowah, the analog delay, and phaser.
I always wondered if you could (why not against currency sounding) download bundles effects and improve the software, but I do not think so. The machine is fixed, forever.


Used in rehearsal and concert since purchase, with a hard core sounds irremovable (a clean precise, a autowah an overdrive) and satellite sound I change according to your whim, I walked on with great pleasure, and he always answers: it is solid.
I have not tried many other models, at least not intensely, but I know that the ideal pedal does not exist: I liked the digitech autowah I loved distos boss, etc.
What I like most: ergonomic, solid, informed
What I like least: complicated home studio - he ends up having too many possibilities, and you have to crawl to edit a sound ...