Line 6 Bass POD XT Live
Line 6 Bass POD XT Live

Bass POD XT Live, Bass Amp Simulator from Line 6 in the POD Live series.

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Robert Boudu 07/25/2005

Line 6 Bass POD XT Live : Robert Boudu's user review


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A classic range of effects is available, a priori the same as the Bass POD XT. Some are more or less gadget, style synthesizer ... I confess to not having explored the thing too, especially for the low, I use an old combo so far and 0 effect.
The highlight of the unit is obviously the digital amp simulation and speaker cabinets. For more details, check out the reviews on the bass POD XT is the same thing it seems to me, only changes the format of the device.
The device can be connected to a PC (a Mac too, probably), midi or USB. I have not tested either, I do not know if the apps that go already developed for this product, but having tried the thing with a Pod 2 (guitar), I do not make me worry about the issue . Furthermore, it will be possible to update the firmware via the internet, then you may call one or all original sounds without having to connect. But all the effects seem to be relatively easily editable from the pedals.
In addition to MIDI and USB ports, there is a normal input (with a choice between different modes), a Variax input for those who have the complete Line 6, and an auxiliary input (for CD player, for example ). There is a DI output (which apparently bypasses the presets and the volume pedal), a normal output with a direct switch / amp (you can refine the selection after the exit) and a headphone output.
I do not know if I went around, but it lacks against a second output line: on stage, since this type of device is designed to be connected directly to the table, it would be nice to be able to also connect an amp back ... I experiment with the headphone or DI, but I have not found a solution. On the other hand, there is no output XLR.


The general configuration is simple and complicated at the same time: no worries to scroll through the presets, banks and others, the volume pedal wah-wah also, but is hard to trigger.
on the other hand, as we want to tinker a little, the controls and displays do not seem super intuitive, there is a time when we are ready to enter the manual, even in English ... But once the system is somewhat integrated, it's actually quite easy, even if the number of adjustable parameters does not help to simplify things ... But I am far from having yet explored, indeed I did what most would call a courtesy ...
The manual, in the tradition line 6, has some "quick start" for the impatient, and some more technical, always with a minimum of self-promotion, but also all the information you want. on the other hand, it was provided in English with the Pod, it is now available in French on the site of line 6 (which is virtually all in English) and I have to go harass the dealer for a French edition.


I use this device to the Baloch, therefore times ranging from bagpipes to rock, hence the need for more sounds ... The effects are in this framework to be used sparingly, but his level, there is already, just with the presets, enough to find happiness. Part of them is dedicated to recording studio in theory, another to live, and a final owners of Variax, I'm not ... But we can draw within three, adjusting a little équalo, worry-free.


I bought the beast two weeks ago, I made plans with four ... This is a notice hot, I had little time to tinker with it, and in addition I am very far from a pro audio ... Anyway, there was nothing, then it's a start for those interested in the thing?
I particularly regret that no two outputs, as on my guitar pod, that I have problems returning. Otherwise the device is practical, looks very sturdy (not like some pedals of my knowledge, I do not know if we can give names).
I tried a Boss pedal, I also have a small pedal zoom, but even the Boss, I found a grain a little electronic, which did not please me at all ... And connectivity, especially to a computer was down ... Later, at his, it should not argue over the head with a brick, and a pair of speakers, but it's beginning to look like, at a lower cost and size ...
Line 6 is still a bit expensive, especially compared to the ranges of Behringer, but quality level there is absolutely no contest, which justifies the price difference ... He can only hope that this device will be as good as other branded products.
The presentation is more pedal at different levels: it's cheaper than buying a Pod + pedals, connectivity and less, so fewer sources of trouble ... It's just a little more difficult to resolve, it is better to do at home than on stage.
For me it's a good way to change my sound without ruining me, it has an undeniable convenience to the scene, and there are different qualities of Pod to tinker at home on your sound card. If I can solve this problem out and return, then yes, without hesitation, it's worth it ...
It did not take notes fabulous, because I do not know much in sound and effects, and in addition I did not have much time to look into the matter, but I refer even those who want an opinion pointed to the opinions given on the Bass Pod XT, pending further advice here ...