DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus

FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus, Bass Chorus/Phaser/Flanger from DOD.

topeltonpek 06/28/2007

DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus : topeltonpek's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Chorus for bass!
9V battery or by sector.
input jack + output jack and a stereo output.
very resistant metal box.
Analog true bypass pedal.


Pretty simple to use, ca used as a chorus (very effective on low end!).
There are only four buttons:
-Chill: the effect of volume output.
-Cold: speed of the wave, the frequency bandwidth of eefet.
-Deep: depth of the wave.
-Defrost: the filter at high frequency. Gives more or less heat up the sound being quite cold, very crystalline ("deep freeze"!).
It is easily the effect that you want, but still need tweaking before.
We can even have a vibrato with, playing the button cold.
The manual is in English but for me it does me no good. You turn the knobs and found immediately the sound we like.


I could compare it with the BOSS Bass Chorus CEB-3. The BOSS is more complicated, gives a lot of depth to the sound. With the DOD, we can find subtle adjustments. On a fairly thick chorus chorus very bright and very deep. you can even reach the vibrato (a great bass!). It covers a wide range of sound. Very effective. We are with you want!


I use it for over a year and I much prefer the BOSS Bass Chorus CEB-3.
It is a chorus but it is unusual to give a lot of gloss if desired (with the Defrost button). that's what I was looking for. Unable to do with the BOSS. Unfortunately this model is only found used. Now we have to find a dealer! And the price / quality ratio is good.
I do it again this choice? I want to sell my CEB-3!