DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus
DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus

FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus, Bass Chorus/Phaser/Flanger from DOD.


DOD FX63 Deep Freeze Bass Chorus : Anonymous 's user review


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Digital sound processing apparently based on the same engine as the x-series multichorus Digitech (strange, no?)
9v power supply connection for conventional
Stereo output
Very solid housing


4 buttons, you can not simple:
Chill: Volume of the chorus effect
Cold: Determines the speed of the "waves" of the chorus
Deep: Determines the height of the "waves" (their amplitude)
Defrost: To choose the level of "high-end" at the bottom to touch the crystal (very subtle) and zero for a thicker and fatter.
The manual is well built with good practice has been to provide examples Dod settings explained (watch it in English).


I could not compare with those from digitech and boss, but I saw the notice in which it was said that the boss n'arriavit not the ankle in the dod of "thickness" of the chorus.
With the appropriate settings, we quickly get sounds as varied by pushing the cold and the deep bottom, we have a vibrato, putting the cold at least the deep half, the chill thoroughly and defrost at zero, we have a very subtle chorus but add good depth in the bass, etc. .. I like the effects, only little shadow, I find that thoroughly defrost does not provide a very "sparkling", but hey, it's not necessarily essential.


More than the 3 ceb chorus, but at best I'm told. I would advise the buyer to just compare the digitech x-series and this model. I am very satisfied.