EBS Dphaser
EBS Dphaser
iamqman 07/06/2011

EBS Dphaser : iamqman's user review

« Technically great »

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EBS is a great Swedish company that focuses their attention to the needs of the performing bass players in the world. They have built a solid reputation of high standards and high quality units that are competitively priced and competitively voicing against many of the more prominent companies.


Technical Specifications

Nominal Input Level - 8 dBv
Input Impedance 700 kohms
Bypass Bandwidth +0 / -3 dB 20 - 20k Hz
Phaser Types Short (S) 4 or 6 stages
Long (L) 8 or 10 stages
Wide (W) 18 stages differential
LFO Range min / max 0.05-10 Hz
LFO Types Sine and Triangle
Low frequency bypass Optional


The tone of this pedal is remarkable. The pedal is built with highest quality components and uses 24-bit digital processing circuitry for outstanding performance on stage and in the recording studio. You can definitely hear the sound that comes from this pedal is of the highest standards of quality that exist.

Use this is front of your bass amp since the phaser generally sounds the best in front rather than in the effects loops. If you do run it this way run it only slightly because the pedal can dominate the sound of your tone and a phaser on all the time is not a pleasing sound.


You can find these pedals new for right around the price of $200. not a bad price for solid sounding bass phaser. You will get a high grade pedal that will last you gigging night after night. This is a pedal to have if you really want a good quality built and sounding phaser.

I would recommend this pedal to any bass player who needs a good effects pedal in his signal chain that will enhance the tone quality of his or her rig. The pedal will add a good harmonic and effects tone to your sound and with the help of this pedal you will be pleasantly surprised how it enhances you playing experience.