Ashdown Drive Plus
bajito 04/05/2009

Ashdown Drive Plus : bajito's user review


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Stomp pedal overdrive / distortion for bass, the size of two large pedals boss.

Steel case and heavy char-fawn-d'assaut jumps over me-even-not-evil.

5 knobs: level of low frequency input gain, balance, gain high frequency, output level - True bypass - a signal to the nitre of-the gadget useless, but that is pretty on sc only).

9 volt battery location, absolutely not practical or easy close
Between power supply type boss.

I put 9 because the battery cover is really a crap.


The intrt this PDAL RSID in being able to gain rgler indpendamment frquences high gain low frequencies. This allows for a relatively distortion varies. The addition of a balance can privilgier the distortion on the bass or distortion on the treble.

The pedals are easily RULES therefore, the knobs are effective, but like any effect, it may be good to spend some time on it to refine the report.


High Frequency gain distortion sounds pretty Scheer and analog, which pulls all the way to the fuzz. We like it or not, I personally am not too fan. However the gain on the bass, with a good balance SETTING THE produces a typical tube screamer crmeux her, and the fact ca plutt well! You can also get a serious effect on distortion.

I also have a SansAmp Bass driver, sound quality and level of distortion, there is no picture!

The sound of the instrument is good enough in this respect that the pedals do not color too.

I note 8 because the sound is a little dry and lacks a bit of heat.


I use the pedals for 1 week. I love the strength, the ability rgler gain on both sides of the spectrum of the bass.

The only regret is that the sound is a bit dry and cold, as a good analog distortion. It lacks the pedals a ct warmer lamps.

Overall, it's a good distortion, an affordable price. The report qualitprix I think is pretty good.