Ashdown Drive Plus
mooseherman 05/10/2010

Ashdown Drive Plus : mooseherman's user review

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This is basically a bass distortion pedal. These pedals are pretty notable for how much they have disappointed me in the past. Not this one. There are two 1/4" connections for input and output as well as an input for the power supply. There are no MIDI or Computer editing capabilities. The pedal is also unfortunately not rackable.


The effects editing is a little bit more detailed, but I think that is really the selling point of this pedal. The configuration isn't too bad, though it is unique. The coolest thing about this pedal is the drive knobs. There is a separate drive knob for the high frequencies and low frequencies. This is crucial. There is also a filter control for both the high and low frequencies. There is also an input volume knob as well as an output volume knob. Another interesting feature is the balance knob, which controls the mix of the distorted and clean signals, which allows for a variety of tones.


I think that the P-bass is the best bass I have for this pedal, as the Jazz bass doesn't take well to distortion in general. The multiple drive controls for high and low frequencies make this a pretty amazing pedal. It makes it easy to add distortion to only the ends of the bass that you want to. Thus, you can emphasize the gain on the high end to make it sound really distorted, but leave the low end relatively clean to maintain the most thump and power. These knobs also prevent extremely muddy sounds, which was also a frustrating occurrence before. You can also really crank the gain on both frequency knobs but make the balance closer to the clean tone to make a really interesting distorted tone that still is clear.


I liked the variety of tones and the clarity of this pedal the most. I think that this is hands down the most interesting idea for a bass distortion I've seen. I think that it's expensive new, and it's not as well known, which is why I'm really psyched that my buddy found this for me. I have tried countless bass distortions and haven't really been satisfied with any of them. I would highly recommend this.