Ashdown Drive Plus
Lucasz 12/15/2006

Ashdown Drive Plus : Lucasz's user review


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Level of the character:

- 5 knobs:
Input 1
1 Low Frequency Drive
1 Balance
1 High Frequency Drive (And yes, there are two channels of distortion)
Output 1

- A VU meter
- A footswitch "true bypass".

Nothing complex ...

The carcass is very hard steel, no risk of breaking! two arches protect the meter.
Only problem for me, I got it wrong with the VU meter stuck. We must remove the case to pick. Have two small screws are interesting :-)


Usage is quite simple. It adjusts the input level for one's own without modification, is regulated both drive and output level of the effect.

The knob is used to balance the balance (if so) between the LF and HF Drive Drive Not bad thought!

Nothing superhuman.

Level settings, it is true that we have a broad panel of her. Practice :-)

A manual? Yes, there is one in English that explains what each knob.


Sound levels, I am very satisfied. We keep the sound of his bass! We do not mug an old guitar sound! It's a real drive for low ;-)

The big advantage is that it does not waste time by enabling low. Those who have already tried an overdrive know what I mean. Generally, we are happy in the store, you think it will move coughed ... And then we try to repeat. The result is often disappointing. As soon as the guitarist's branch canal saturated finished was low :-( guitar all his food ...

Here it's different, it grabs a sacred well now.

I have not found better.


I use it for two months. I'm not disappointed.
No need to spend 3 days to find what you're looking for. One arm and boom. That's it.

The seller of my shop was on the buttocks and much preferred this one to the famous ODB-3.

Effect with a beautiful personality.