Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet
Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet
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bouns83 12/18/2012

Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet : bouns83's user review

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This is my overdrive pedal: the fulltone bass drive, mosfet version. This bass has overdrive knobs volume tone (turning left, more bass, turn right more acute. Overdrive button and a button to adjust the boost (for an even more aggressive with more gain). compcut A switch that boosts the signal light. A fm mode for a richer medium and treble. A medium rich in vintage fashion and a little less treble. Finally a way for imitation mosfet amp lamps with more growl has the key.


It is very intuitive, it is sufficient to rely on his ears.


This is a super light overdrive crunch from the dirty distortion (less extreme, however, that some od dedicated to metal style darkglass). Bass do not go to the door, a separate bass and trebble adjustment would have been nicer.
The sound is warm and the highs are not aggressive (which annoyed me with the boss odb3). Compcut mode makes the effect much more susceptible to attack the strings, is approached in the spirit of some amps overdrive function.


It's all good and it is without regrets take the place of my boss odb3 (which I found too aggressive in the treble when the gain was pushed). I love its versatility, the hot side depending on the mode selected, the growl provided by the mosfet, the nasty side provided by the boost. I'd like to try it with a power supply 18 volt.Dommage it is no longer produced, but occaze it is a good option for those looking for a od to do everything. Lately I have coupled to my big muff and it is possible to obtain its really bad!