Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet
Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet
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jukap 10/25/2007

Fulltone Bass-Drive Mosfet : jukap's user review


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Well, I made you small examples qq, do not blame me for the loaves and the game, it's quick, and I have not yet assimilated the intonations of the pedals, so the rglages / game are still pretty rough. It should still give you same ide ...

In short, I plugged my Fender P Japan, climbs with ropes almost new Black Beauty, live in the Fulltone, itself directly into my sound card (M-Audio FW410: not the top hi ' fi 'but quite correct).

For prciser: This is a copy BassDrive DIFFERENT from that classic is a "BassDrive Mosfet". It has few options supplmentaires:
- A switch "CompCut" (compression clarity cuts like a lamp) / "FM" (grain Modern Overdrive) / "Vintage" (OD Grain vintage)
- Another switch "Mosfet" / "Standard".
I made some samples for testing DIFFERENT modes (except "standard", which must match the classic pedals, but there's no shit, though still good, it gn generally a little worse, so I did everything in Mosfet mode ... and too bad for the others!: b).

I will then mail a file from the first "direct", another good pass in the trs simultaneously Ampeg NI (SVX) to imagine a history made live (Tte: SVT4Pro, baffle: 410HLF, hair background-rverb to silent as if in "the room" -> config a fairly standard story of not taking a hardware sotrique).

=> Direct recording into the sound card "naked" ( http://jukapmusique.free.fr/Musique/Test%20Fulltone%20BassDrive%20Direct.mp3 )

=> Registration + simul-body Ampeg head and "mood room" ( http://jukapmusique.free.fr/Musique/Test%20Fulltone%20BassDrive%20SVX%20Ambiance.mp3 )

Galis I grosso modo, the output levels of all samples so that there is no effect of attracting the attention of the above. It is then necessary that all the same not only how "boost", but also how "compcut" sacrment make up the output level, must be REALLY careful.

I also enabled all of the same change a little what I play depending on the resulting sound.

Both files are the same (approximate indications of knobs):

0'00 ": Bypass, to assess the direct sound of the bass

0'41 "Mode" CompCut "12 Tone, OD 9

1'21 "Mode" Compcut "tone 4h, 4h OD

2'08 "Mode" FM ", tone 9am, 9am OD

2'49 "Fashion" Vintage "tone 9am, 9am OD

3'37 "Mode" FM ", tone 12, OD 12

4'23 "Fashion" Vintage "tone 12, OD 12

5'05 "Mode" FM ", tone 4h, 4h OD

5'48 "Fashion" Vintage "tone 4h, 4h OD

Then slap test (even more crappy than the rest) just so you look at compression (trs is visible eg in a wav editor with visualization of the wave functions):

6'29 ": Bypass, to assess the direct sound of the bass

7'04 "Mode" Compcut "OD tone and enough levs (?)

Bacl then test the boost mode (remember that I Galis levels, otherwise compcut + boost, a lot VERY strong!)

7'40 "Mode" Compcut "(I think), boost the bottom or near

Finally a little test for fun with Fulltone effects + 8'05 "

This voilou, comments, and if you have special requirements, say, I'll see what I can do ... Anyway, I y'en plutt content.