Ampeg Micro-VR Head
Ampeg Micro-VR Head

Micro-VR Head, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

pujol813 06/05/2010

Ampeg Micro-VR Head : pujol813's user review

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See everywhere.


Difficult to be more simple.
the sound is clear. I had no manual with it. I doubt its usefulness.


I play rock. Say mainstream, a little folk a little pop, a little punk. I have a Precision fitted with a micro Delano. I connect, it makes groupf!. I played with three quitar and a drummer. No problem in rehearsal. And in concert, I rented a 1X15 cabinet for vrrrombrrir.


Beware, it seems at first riquiqui May when I tried it at the store, the salesman I connected a 4 X 10 and I was quite dried.
speak frankly. I tried the Ampeg tube. Sure, it's better. But 1) it is very heavy, 2) it never goes beyond 2 or 3 unless the attack stages. This toy is the antifrime.
Well, I have not tried the speaker that goes with it. It is still a serious mess deriière.
And as for the transportation, I can repeat them with my little bag voyage.Pratique.