Ampeg SVT-VR
Ampeg SVT-VR

SVT-VR, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Classic series.

remsouille 05/19/2009

Ampeg SVT-VR : remsouille's user review


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-300W Tube Amp (6 * 6550 for power, and a garland of 12AX7 and 12AU7 in preamp ... I plan to use it to decorate my living room at Christmas ...)
Du-Speakon, jack, an effects loop, a balanced output with volume control, in short, every hole imaginable!
-2 Independent preamps, each with two inputs: normal and bright (bright is the most active office entrance).
Amp plug'n play: Master, bass, mid, treble, two three switches very useful.

A marvel of simplicity: you plug it sounds, regardless of the settings.


It can not be simpler! The settings seem so it sounds almost useless in any position. And at the same time they are very thin and can really awesome sound.
Unlike ampeg modern medium frequency selector switch has three positions, which, in my humble opinion, is much more comfortable, at least we do not take their heads trying to figure out the difference between a position and a another.
The ultra-lo, works great, it's quite handy in certain situations. (For songs like Billie Jean, for example. The attack is very matte, almost no means the strings.) The ultra-hi is too " hi "for my taste ...
The manual is interesting when you're not familiar with the amps all lamps, otherwise it is useless. Even a drummer would be able to find good sound ...


J'officie in a rock band severely burn, and no discussion is possible: this amp is a war machine. Before I played on a preamp ampeg amplified by an amplifier 800w crown. I already had a killer sound, but there it crosses the line .....
Coupled with my svt 410 HLF cabinet, I have a dynamic response, warmth and unparalleled accuracy, and God knows I tried trucks amp.

The sound is just incredible this round, with equal intensity over the whole spectrum. I use it with a 68 jazz bass, bass and two home made a 5 string active (Bartolini) and a 4 string equipped Seymour Duncan antiquity. My signal goes through a SansAmp Retail Banking and a big muff ... a real butcher ...


I use it for two weeks. I compared with a svt classic, the sixth is just better .... more precise, more friendly ... what ...
I tried amps galore, no one sounds like the ...

That is something I do not care, but damn what it's heavy .....

EDIT: I changed the 12AX7 preamp by the General Electrics of 1958 (those fitted to the SVT at the time of the greatness of Rome ....)

Oh Mom ..... I had told anyone: I played again in a note and everyone turned to me what is this kind wouaaaahhhh sound ouf ?!?!?!
It sounds three times better than before!! And no I'm exaggerating a bit ...