Ampeg PF-350
Ampeg PF-350

PF-350, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the Portaflex series.

Joe-Rhys 05/04/2012

Ampeg PF-350 : Joe-Rhys's user review

«  a beautiful and good amp! »

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it is a class D transistor head made in China under the leadership of the U.S. plant.
was 350W at 4 ohms and if you have a baffle into 8 ohms, the only issue that 250w head (in my case in this trial on the baffle PF115LF which delivers 400w into 8 ohms).
for the settings, it's simple; gain, bass, midrange, treble, volume.
and it was from left to right; instrument input, "PAD" (you can remove-15DB, that's an active device), "LIMIT" (to avoid the baffle morfler écrêttages at large due to attacks more strong or nudges in slap for example), "audio in" and "phones" (headphone input to avoid bothering the neighbors late at night ..).
all this, my lord, exudes quality and joie de vivre! (really?)


I find the control panel rather intuitive and easy to adjust.
I have not read the manual before using it ...
for sound is the sound ampeg, warm, plump, deep and precise at the same time ... vintage greeting!


I think this amp is suitable for rock in general and more particularly to '60s rock and '70s.
one typically has a vintage grain; the grail, is plug in a fender precision here, it looks like James Jamerson at the big time!
I think it would do fine in my cover band U2, which is exactly the sound that'' we must!
I plugged in an Epiphone Les Paul Special and an Ibanez SR600; malgrés differences between these two bass sounds, the sound is himself vintage wishes!
what is good is that it delivers a beautiful sound, we are disappointed not even have to lower the bass ... happy!


I tried it one afternoon and it was enough to strengthen me and convince me that I still love that sound!
I have tried a lot of amps before him, I tried the Portaflex 500w and it's also an ampeg amp that I like!
what I love most; the vintage sound, the look definitely retro! (With the blue Tolex amps like the jet of the brand), lightness ... and others ...
I liked the least, that the head is manufactured in China (although I do not know if it is a reliable ...) and I have not had the money to buy it! !