Ampeg SVT-3 Pro
Ampeg SVT-3 Pro

SVT-3 Pro, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Ampeg in the SVT Pro series.

Jackbass6 03/10/2004

Ampeg SVT-3 Pro : Jackbass6's user review


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Ampeg amp with a preamp is all tube, and the mosfet amp.
Power issues: 450Watts into 4 ohm, 8 ohm and 275 sub.
connector jack input, and output to the speakers, as well as a connector and a speakon output XLR line out.
bass, mid, frequency (which promotes a range of mediums in particular), trebble, HI, LO, Bright, -15 dB, graphic equalizer, mute, volume, tube gain, gain, in short everything that it should be.
For d effects, but the sound can be distorting.


Configuration simple enough that little is known in sy SETTINGS and frequency.
This amp head is very typical of energetic music style rock, funk, jazz, metal ...
the manual is very clear and very simple.


J jou have with this head on bass very different, and never had any nya pb.Elle supports very well the strings so bad.
The ampeg sounds are very warm and quite aggressive, which will not be appropriate to everyone, but when playing the above, it is not a complaint.
J likes to vary the bcp mediums on this head, and that's enough to make me go from a very large sound, atmospheric, has a very metallic sound and dynamic.


J uses this head for 4 years, even if I have the discovery rllement there a year and a half by diversifying my game, and removing my faults.
J loves the power of this head, and especially the punch sound that it gives me.
C is a best seller in ampeg.Pour price, you can find equivalents in swr, eden etc ... but it becomes a story of caractere.Mais nothing beats the sound ampeg!