Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II
Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II

1001RB-II, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Gallien Krueger in the RB series.

marbasse 03/28/2011

Gallien Krueger 1001RB-II : marbasse's user review

«  Real "watts" for the true low »

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Dixit manual:

Output Power:
Main Amp
1001RB-II 460W @ 8 Ohms
700W @ 4 Ohms
Horn Amp 50W @ 8 Ohms
75W @ 4 Ohms
Audio Inputs:
Instrument Input ¼ "Mono Unbalanced
Level 0.6V Rms
w /-14dB pad 1.6V Rms
Impedance 1M Ohm
Return Input ¼ "Mono Unbalanced
Impedance 50k Ohm
Audio Outputs:
Send Output ¼ "Mono Unbalanced
Impedance 220 Ohm
Tuner Output ¼ "Mono Unbalanced
Impedance 10k Ohm
XLR DI Output, Balanced
Impedance 500 Ohms
Speaker Out ¼ "Mono Unbalanced x2
Neutrik Speakon ® x2
Bass +10 dB @ 60Hz
Lo-Mid 6 dB/-10dB @ 250Hz
Hi-Mid 6 dB/-10dB @ 1kHz
Treble +12 /-17dB @ 7 kHz
Voicing Filters:
4 / 5 String Bass +11 dB @ 20Hz
Contour +2 dB @ 50Hz /
-10dB @ 500Hz /
+3 DB @ 7 kHz
Presence +9 dB @ 10kHz
Crossover: Triple pole constant
voltage crossover at 5kHz
Noise:-90dB "A" weighted
Cooling: Variable Speed ​​Fan

1001RB-II 21.5 lbs


A little confusing at first, EQ treble and bass left to right, is very effective. We must follow the manual says to first 12h the boost function and refine the next sound you want then. This feature is part of the grain of this amp, adding a certain amount of "growl" sound. It takes full advantage of this feature with the bi-amping a speaker Gallien-Krueger. The tweeter is so "clean", unaffected by the slight saturation brought about by the "boost".


Precise, warm, sharp as a razor, and with character, this is the sound of this amp. All watts of record are waiting for you! bi-amp can make the most of the grain by measuring the tweeter amp in my cabinet Gallien NEO 212-II. My instrument is passive, so I set the sound to the amp and everything is there. One might want a parametric mids, but then I quibble!


It is an excellent amp and original design, with a standard diet, and not too heavy (10kg). It is very versatile, powerful than enough to cover most situations of play Top! To get a little better (and still ...), you must make me 2 times more expensive.