Gallien Krueger 800RB

800RB, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Gallien Krueger in the RB series.

MGR/pjs101974 03/13/2009

Gallien Krueger 800RB : MGR/pjs101974's user review

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Gallien Krueger 800 RB - affectionately known as "the tank"! I am an experienced bass player who plays out quite often....

I purchased this amplifier back in 1993 ($599 I think) to replace the old 400 RB that I was using. Nothing wrong with it, just needed more watts! During my search for a new amplifier, I looked at many other brands such as SWR, Ampeg, David Eden, etc. but after trying out all of these others, I simply ended up going back to GK. So here I am 16 years later, hundreds of practice sessions and gigs and this unit has not failed me once!

Basically everything. The tone produced by the 800RB is deep and clear, with no noise. I have had a few people ask what I use to get my sound. The answer is always the same. Fender jazz, Ampeg cabinet, and the amp itself. In regards to power on stage, it has plenty. Other than sound quality and power its reliability is outstanding. My 800RB has probably paid for itself a few times over! It has survived many tough nights in clubs, outdoor events, and other venues!

I really have nothing bad to say about it. Some people are thrown off by the fact that the older units have no fan.

Top notch. Heavy gauge aluminum, excellent design, reliable as hell.

I would definitely recommend this amplifier to anyone who wants a reliable, great sounding unit!

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