Gallien Krueger Fusion 550
Gallien Krueger Fusion 550

Fusion 550, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Gallien Krueger in the Fusion series.

bouns83 04/06/2014

Gallien Krueger Fusion 550 : bouns83's user review

«  mind gallien, heat lamps and more. »

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Hybrid amp with a power stage transistor identical to that of 1001 rb amp and 3 lamps, 4-band active EQ. 500 W into 4 ohms, 350 into 8 ohms. Complete connectivity: Speakon or output jack, effects loop, direct out with adjustable output level, tuner output, a socket for the footswitch to change channels. motorized knobs. Front, active passive switch, selector that activates motorized knobs channel; A filter section with an outline to filter mediums (a switch allows you to select the range of mediums to filter frequency), a treble boost and bass boost (same as switch 5 strings heads rb). EQ bass, low mids, high treble medium. Adjustment of the tweeter if you opt for bi-amplification (can push the woofer without saturating the treble.)


A dish that already sounds great, the action of the knobs is quite progressive and provides a good range of réglages.L action filters is effective to quickly find a good sound, the equalizer can refine. The manual gives some useful examples of settings depending on the style of music. But hey it is useless if one is familiar with the use of an amp.


The relationship with the rb series that embodies the spirit gallien is there, it growls (but less than 700 rbII), the mids and highs are clear but slightly less crystalline than the rb series. The bass is rounder and a bit more muted than the 700 rb, lamps bringing in my opinion a slight compression (especially when pushing the gain). Most of these lamps is a little more mellow, a little less right, with extra heat. Pushing the gain it is possible to obtain a slightly overdriven sound (even fairly saturated with low to high output). Like it or not, I personally prefer to use a good effect pedal for dirty sound. Distribution hi mids low mids allows very fine midrange adjustment to make growl or give them the necessary aggression to break into a rock context. The outline can give depth and roundness if you want a little more sound vintage.Je say a little more because the sound still remains modern in comparison to Aguilar Th or head marbass. Acute boost gives a more clear sound right, the gallien what! The bass boost is more difficult to manage unless you have a cab that cash very serious big (with cab Gallien it does it well). BTW the work of the EQ is much thinner and accurate with a cab drive gallien.La EQ allows you to make 2 sounds a bit gimmicky for my taste, because the latency when changing adjustment makes the risky operation during the same song. The bi amp provides the growl without pushing in acute hazardous to the cab limits. This head is versatile and able to tackle any style, choice of cab make the difference. Excellent dynamics. For rock, metal it does it very well anyway.


Very good head halfway between the rb series (flag gallien door) and fusion series. It can be a good choice if you hesitate between the two series. Gain lamps is feeling well, but if it is the original grain gallien that one seeks, 700 Rb will better job at a lower cost. For added versatility and dynamics and heat fusion 550 is excellent!