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Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0
Genz-Benz Shuttle 3.0

Bass Guitar Amp Head from Genz-Benz belonging to the Shuttle series

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gtrphil gtrphil

«  perfect »

Published on 01/26/14 at 03:21
the better to see the manufacturer's website
it's class D, no heavy transformer (how is it possible I do not know)
analog is
it weighs 1.2 kilograms and is about 25 cm high side of 5

300W into 4 ohms, 175 into 8 ohm
hp output to Speakon jack or

input gain, low active equal, parametric medium (you choose the knob sweep frequency that you ride or decreases with the level knob) and acute

3 filters (bass boost, mid dug up boost) each with led and independent, we can do everything at the same time

output gain, mute with LED

rear panel DI out (pre or post eq handy it works very well)
and tuner output

relatively simple, the minimum or it all depends on your point of view ...


then enters the heart
everything is very simple, even summary.

from 0 (all at noon) and correct significantly, the sound rule hyper subtly
it intends his instrument and the amp will just amplify (turn up the volume so) and adapt to the acoustic constraints of the site. that's it
(The knobs are notched, the correction is audible to each screen)

not possible to transform the sound means good nail and game
amazing, you do not hear the amp (the opposite of markbass)

this is a great quality for me, it can be a big failure (compared to eg digital)
Attention means everything, including this one amp will hide different philosophy.
incredible as it is true, more than gallien, acoustic image or aer bass for example ...)
then you need a good instrument and a good system ...


I use it with a japanese jazz bass 70s, its just great
and with a full circle on a French bass end XIX is downright awesome too

obviously in a rather crude, ineffective register (jazz, soul ...)

the box is not the GB but an Eden, it works very well together since the philosophy of the brand is also neutral (but rounded qunad even for breakfast 112)
the box is 4 ohm, the guy who lacks the power to play on stage with that is (excuse) deaf since I can fart a window by pushing a little.

this amp is good, he can play open donf without pain and without distortion, and of course playing with the input and output gains was an exponential volume control
(Multiply the input by one output for its volume of 100 (10 * 10 level)
at noon on the two knobs on is 25 or one quarter of the volume)
knowing that opening donf (10 input) one is more faithful to the instrument. it is made for it, if it clips too much input but it does not even with my active bass bourrinant
and big advantage throughout the race winning sound output is the same, even more beautiful if the acoustics of the venue allows (incredible presence)


extremely cautious with small aguilar (which are also great) but much less neutral colored thought much more "warm" (New York manufacturing requires)
for bass is less for the low side it gives a less cold hair but also less versatile

Genz Benz is the cheaper (assembled in China, but it is very correct, must see the length ...)
Genz Benz and above was bought by Fender and interrupted production y'en still new in France, and secondhand, and frankly a shame to miss it is a great tool
(I think I bought secondhand € 300 I think this is new ... 550)