Markbass Little Mark 250
Markbass Little Mark 250

Little Mark 250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Markbass in the Little Mark series.

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Domi-D 07/20/2013

Markbass Little Mark 250 : Domi-D's user review

"A safe bet!"

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Solid-state amp with 250 Watts into 4 Ohms or 150 Watts into 8 Ohms. Jack or XLR input. Controls: Gain, master, low, 2 semi parametric mids, high and 2 filters (VLE and VPF).
In the rear panel it has a Speakon output and a jack output, an XLR line output, a jack output for a tuner, and an effects loop.
Very comprehensive connections for multiple possibilities.

The Italian manufacturer doesn't make it anymore. Well, actually it does, but in a rather "low cost" version under the "Black Line" name, which goes for less than $400 and is made in Indonesia. You be the judge of whether the quality is the same.


It's easy to dial in if you take some time to do it. First of all for the "classic" EQ, which offers a wide sound palette with an inclination toward low mids. Personally, I use it with a 12 cab, the sound is very percussive, powerful, clean.
The filters provide new possibilities. The VLE cuts off high frequencies and provides some roundness, which results in a smoother sound. The VPF boosts the low and high frequencies, which results in a more percussive sound, for playing slap, for example.
In all cases, the sound range is consistent and allows you to easily find the sonic character you want.

The manual... offers only the bare minimum.


I think this amp will suit a very wide palette of music genres, but i'd recommend it for rock or even metal.
The sound is big, it doesn't spill, it is well-defined, combining roundness and definition. It is really cool for an amp at this price point. Everything in a compact size that weighs only 5.5lbs.


I haven't used it very long. I had been looking for this model after I reviewed it and was very convinced of its features. I have previously played Hartke or Fender, but there's simply no comparison with this Little Mark, it's a whole different ballgame.
Its versatility, its wide sound palette, its comprehensive connections, make it a high-flying amp. Could this set a new standard?