Markbass Little Mark 250
Markbass Little Mark 250

Little Mark 250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Markbass in the Little Mark series.

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Markbass Little Mark 250 : Anonymous 's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Transistor amplifier
250Watt 4ohm, 8ohm 150watt
two inputs, two outputs (Speakon or jack and jack, two speaker then brancheable)

4equa, 2 filter / simulator hp

I put 10 because I have never seen anything so ffice, there may well have four equa button, as you turn the knobs, you can feel the difference.


Trs simple config with 8 button you get a good sound trs simply with standard possibilities.

I had no manual in French, but English, but hey there's nothing complicated to understand.


So the big 10 for sound and especially the Polivalente. On the other head of abitude was a 7-band graphic equa, which is pointless (Dumoine we not feel the difference, by the breath, for example harkte)

thanks to the equa we paufinne the sound of, based on its low, and as mentioned above, as you turn the knobs you can feel the difference, and it turns both APRS filter.

enlve the first treble, and the second hollow mediums, trs good for rock, good bass and treble lens.

in fact the point that it is essential to mention is that these equations and filters, enlve not and do not add frequency drives, it's hard to explain, but in fact, as you turn a knob ( medium), it does not add the medium in crasis bass and treble, it adds to the prsence mdium, then exit the problem note that sounds weaker than the other because of equa rotten (I harkte CITL)

10 this because we finally staining worthy of the name, not the volume change based on the game notes pourrisent


I like the color of equa ffice, and filter, I like the quality of those because the food frquences not, he acts really as EQUASIS prsence by changing the notes without changing the volume.

I also like the fact that PSE 3kilo and is small, it is very practical.

I try harkte heads of the same price. harkte leverages the power, the quality of markbass harkte course has not a bad brand, trs good report quality price, but even if markbass CHRE and just for the power dlivr e.

we feel that the price justifies the qualitbr />
So good report quality price trs, I choose to do it again, but hey I was a dja, and I will not change before long lasting fog fluid.

in any case it trs good place for all Markbass head, brand MRIT be better known.