Markbass Little Mark 250
Markbass Little Mark 250

Little Mark 250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from Markbass in the Little Mark series.

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tradcab 05/09/2017

Markbass Little Mark 250 : tradcab's user review

"Markbass could be the best amp around?"

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Value For Money : Excellent Audience: Anyone
I use this for my double bass but also for the bass or left hand side of my stage piano set up. When it comes to double bass combined with my Fishman Pro bass II pre amp and driving a two by ten cab I have found this to be my ideal set up for larger gigs. The tone shaping that is possible allows the best sound to be achieved which ever of my basses I use. The amp is very light and easy to transport yet powerful enough to cover most stages and even on its own for smaller venues.
When used as a piano amp I drive a smaller 2 x 10 cab of my own design and this gives me the sound I have been searching for using my Roland RD700nx , which can be difficult to amplify well.For an amp of this price I am amazed at the quality of build and the sound it produces.