TC Electronic BH250

BH250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the BH Amps series.

danbod 12/01/2012

TC Electronic BH250 : danbod's user review

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250 W transistor amp
3 buttons for EQ: low mid, high
a master volume
a knob for the TonePrint
1.8 KG ......
very compact amp


Ultra simple to use, the sound is right.
the equalization can be confusing at first, in fact, the frequencies are different depending on whether you cut or boost, but it's effective.


This is an amp that I find "neutral": it does not color the sound.
But there's TonePrint .. origin is a chorus, but there is a possibility of different effects download, some produced by the stars of the low ...
It is on this level is interesting marqueting ....
And for me it is not a gimmick, I intallé the TonePrint "tubedrive" and I end up with a sound very slightly runny that I like.
it is possible to turn off the effect with a TonePrint pedal or turning the knob to zero.


I just receive it, and for the moment I think of anything negative.
I was looking for an amp lightweight, compact and easy to use: it just right.
I have not yet tried repeated, but it should not be a problem, it is sufficient in power.
have the speaker plugged into a Yamaha 4 ohms 2 * 10P and 10P in a small 8 ohm speaker (very good for home or for quiet ERfKE)

With the 4 ohm speaker is powerful enough for me ...
the tuner: this is good
mute switch: to agree on practical stage between 2 pieces
And the best for last: the price

PS: I had a Trace Elliot AH200 (I never liked the sound), a yamaha BBT500H (too many knobs)