TC Electronic BH250

BH250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the BH Amps series.

moixjj 04/18/2014

TC Electronic BH250 : moixjj's user review

«  Excellent value for money »

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Value For Money : Excellent
I will not dwell on the features that have been discussed in great length on this site.
If I can give a personal opinion, it lacks an effects loop to bypass the preamp (by plugging directly into the "return") because I have a Tech21 VT Deluxe preamp that I love. Otherwise it is flawless. The finish is decent, despite a fault on the mute switch that wanders a bit. The red metal facade is very well made and I find aesthetically more successful than its big sister, the BH500.
I bought it to play at home and to overcome my tube amp when I have a concern. Characteristics therefore seemed almost perfect to riquiqui price.


Setup is simple, just 4 neurons and spend some time to understand the principle of tone print (but again, 4 neurons enough, a rope). Clear manual and translated into French is fine. Using the tuner is very simple. When the are obtained, as there 3 knobs to sculpt the sound, it's hard not to find what suits. I can not find the veeeeeery reagents (much less than my old Genz-Benz) but the fact that if one seeks a neutral sound. At the game between the gain and master, a little experience in this area enough. It pushes its gain and reduces the master and presto! Obtained overdrive and there is more responsive. on the other hand I do not find very convincing.


Good will hop! Go to what interests us: the sound!
So much to say right now, it is very neutral. I like typed amps, this one remains faithful to the sound of the bass. Also hard to get sounds rock'n roll, it lacks potato according to my tastes. I have two excellent distortion pedals (Arts in Bloodshed "Sea Bastard" and Mazzette Lowerdrive) that allow me to get great sound from this very neutral base and it suits me very well. Collaboration between the amp and my pedal is really effective.
Otherwise I'm not at all convinced by the overdrive obtained by playing with the knob gain.
The idea of ​​Toneprint is very very nice but a little gadget. I really hallucinating the first time I've uploaded the audio from my Iphone pasting against my bass pickups. It's weird. But it works very well. Hard to find a really convincing effect however. I'll do my diva but nothing beats analog effects.
I make Stoner, Doom Metal and nag. I love the sounds that growl. I use Ibanez ATK Japanese changed. So it is sure that this amp does not hold a candle to my head Chillbass B200 all-tube ... but I paid 10 times cheaper. And after slamming my power tubes, he saved me roustons. It was enough for me to find a nice neutral sound and spend a little time on my pedalboard. I got a very convincing result ... and the power was there. A 50% of the race knob, I'm already too strong in a group where we play volume of mentally ill (deaf mentally ill).
In short, its neutral but not cold. Cash fine pedals. Toneprint gadget. DO blah.


I use this amp for a month, but intensively to replace my all-tube amp. I tried lots of amps. It is certainly not the best, but the value is to bang the ass on the floor when you see the prices of competitors. As much cash my pedalboard, it's a great amp replacement. Suddenly his neutral side can be an advantage as a disadvantage. It turns out that for me it is an advantage.
To play at home, it is very appropriate with its external input and headphone output. So it fulfills its specifications and I'm glad.