TC Electronic BH250

BH250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the BH Amps series.

jolamouk 03/03/2013

TC Electronic BH250 : jolamouk's user review

« A real little bomb! »

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See the specs on the TC website ...
very nice finish
I put that 8 of the fact that there was a speaker output and Speakon ... but after losing my 10min desoldering speakon jack and fix a place that makes him quite well .. .
a little more for the tuner that gives the 6-string electric bass and especially my only one of my tuner could tune and even when he wanted to chopper without picking good frequencies ... on the other hand it is a pity that we can not turn it off because the red and green LEDs that light up to each note played it a little Christmas tree ...


as I said before if we decrease or increase the knob of equalization, it plays on different frequencies and it is true you get a good sound quickly as we can imagine even if we completely cut treble or bass ..
on the other hand compared to my old head (hartke LH500) who also had three pots of EQ sound "perfect" is still harder to obtain .. I have the perfect slap for a perfect game against finger but I have not managed to find the perfect sound for songs or I mix the two styles of play ... but it will come ... for the moment I use a chorus or vibrato when passing slap and that makes it good, but I can not stay in its "neutral" ... but it's really good to find a story default because the Everyone group hallucinates on size / weight / power sound ..


The effects that I felt useless gadget before purchase show relatively effective against the coup if like me you have no choice of smartphone 2 effects (only) becomes a headache because there are many really good .. and bring the Laptop or in concert to change repeat effects in memory before the song is a bit boring I must admit .... me more than to find a phone with android ...
the manufacture of a footswitch (look at the tutorial on the net fsx3 digitech) is essential for the mine cost me a mere 20 € buying all the parts from e44 (if you have a microphone cable 3m, stereo jack and a box (mine has cost € 9 ...) relatively price drops. € 50 for a TC that is a bit of a rip ... knowing that it is essential for a proper functioning ...
I use this head with a schack b2 and cons harley benton electric and frankly it sends fried bacon ... it respects the sounds of my two instruments.
playing of jazz funk Hiphop and the bass is very important and I am totally satisfied lady who did what I asked ... well almost should not rely on it to store the flat or do the dishes ...
Before I played the punk and the merger infectious groove and yes it will easily because it is 250 watts it offers true (or as much as my old LH500 which weighed 4times its weight and took 4 times more space)


I do not regret my purchase
the headphone is really effective we obtain a good sound with good power (if you are like me it was half deaf is important because the vox Amplug is limited to the side ...)
I was afraid before purchasing thinking that 250w would be enough ... but nay ... I repeated in a quarter and during my first concert with Madame she was a half of its power (8ohms) and I went relatively well in the mix ... the room was 70m ² see a little more of it will go far enough to the sessions and bar scenes biggest I'd transplanted to the sound as usual anyway ...
for transport is a joke ... my bass in its case in backpack head in the front pocket with cables and netbook and cons and my home made 1X12 (in terms of Bill Fitzmaurice jack which more than 12 trunk) of a devil and zai ... and I must confess that I a good bar tape when I see her go back to scratch its a combo box to get his guitar and his cases and his bag is his or multi cables and while I am by tram in 1 round done ...
good reproaches now ... because there ...
-Not having the budget for HR that made me seriously eye I must admit it still lacks the system of three presets remembered that I would really ease the life .. his finger and slap her sound against ... but hey .. € 300 you can not have everything ...
The switch-mute passive and active are a little chip level finish ... a small bolt to better fix everything on the front would have made a better finish and longer in time ... good they do not move but hey I like to be reassured ..
It knob volume is a little rough .. Indeed, by repeating I am a fourth is if I get off my knob a millimeter sound really drop a lot ... from single to double to give you an idea ...
A second output-hp would have been welcome
Software-tone print for change effects is not compatible ... shame ...
good here I think I go around .... I thought that writing a single line in each category ... hoping he could help you ..