TC Electronic BH250

BH250, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the BH Amps series.

moumou69 01/24/2013

TC Electronic BH250 : moumou69's user review

«  Good head, low price ... »

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Value For Money : Excellent
What more to say except that it is both classic and innovative!
ClassD amplification transistor ... small, light.
Ss 250w 4ohms
simplissimes but the settings are sufficient for many users

TonePrint system works perfectly with my samsung phones (Ace and S), not a single failure.

has noted the speakon connector only for pregnant


use could not be simpler ... one branch and it sounds ...
The equalization is super effective!

the use of print tone is also very simple loading effect takes about 2 seconds ... To know that for this option to be really usable, you must buy the pedal 3 channels of the brand.
the pedals can:
l switch: mute on / off
2nd Switch: Tone print on / off
3rd Switch: Tone print A / B
because you can load two effects and switch from one to the other (only with the pedal). There is no mixing in cons possible between the two.


I play 70's rock rather
I plug in a compressor between EBS and my bass head (this can also have a gain control, not available on the head)
I play with a JB Squier vintage modified or Epiphone EB3 or modified cort PJ

I tested on my ampeg cab SVT410HLE on the TC 210 cab and a PA system.
The sound is very colorful and the sound of the instrument is transcribed. I prefer this kind of amp amps typed too ... matter of taste.

The sound is very dynamic .. powerful, very good bass, precise mids and clear highs ....
if you want a more "vintage" tone try print "tube tone" ... awesome!

In short, this head is versatile and produces quality sound.
Of course, it does not compete with the very brands of amps though ... :) ..... it depends on what you are looking ...


I like:
Innovation (print tone, equalizer system)
side swiss army knife (the tuner is also very effective ...)
ease of use

I like a little less (but I quibble because at this price ...)
the HP single output speakon
unable to mix the 2 tone print
the lack of gain adjustment (offset by a pedal)

no personal opinion on the reliability for the moment, I have recently.

The value for money is excellent, hallucinantmême considering that I can sell my tuner PolyTune and my chorus pedal .... I remake this choice without hesitation!