TC Electronic RH450

RH450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the RH Amps series.

redcarp 06/23/2012

TC Electronic RH450 : redcarp's user review

«  excelent. »

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Class D amp type "numeric" with a power of 450W for about 4KG. Already, it is huge. But in addition it works fine without baffle. Thus making it also an excellent pre-amp for the studio. the equalization is monstrous efficiency, the compressor is formidable and integrated user presets true comfort on stage. the Tubetone (emulation lamp) is (for me) more anecdotal. Full connectivity is great and paradoxically simple, indeed it manages certain parameter alone as a great. And the low active or passive, it démerde is the same input, same for the impedance of the speaker or the supply voltage. At the rear an excellent preamp output that is because I use a lot: on small stage I'm too lazy to carry the cabinet industry and I therefore direct sound, big on stage, I put my back and baffle as j sends the output sound to the front, and I use it as a recording preamp directly into my sound card. These are characteristics that motivated my choice (size, weight, sound quality, versatility)


Super simple setup (fortunately, I am a musician, not an astronaut, too much button or parameter and I stress). I used the manual function to access the schedule by the shift knob but frankly, by adjusting the compressor, I use it almost not. I find it easy to have a good sound. this amp is a very straight, it fully respects the instrument. It is far from an all-tube Ampeg head, but it is not at all on the same philosophy. I play the instrument very different: an acoustic bass equipped with a sensor david pledge realist, a Lower fender jazz bass special frettless japan from 1986, it is equipped with a passive micro precision and a Jazz and a sandberg fretted with the same config micro but I use mainly actif.Le TC makes it sound either all these instrument.


I think this is an amp that can suit the style of music asset because it actually preserves the characteristic of the instrument that connects. most of the equalization is so effective that we do what we want.


I use it since February 10, 2012 So five months to date. I tried a dozen brands of diverse amp is the only one who rang my bass and my basses as well for that weight. I buy new and I do not regret my purchase. It's expensive, but it's good material I use for everything, amp (with speaker), DI (without cabinet), a mix of both, and pre amp for home recording. it allows me to sculpt my sound in all its configuration and with + or - 4KG I can really rest evaluate the duration of life of the class D amplifier I chose to trust a brand electronic Tc, we'll see.