TC Electronic RH450

RH450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the RH Amps series.

charlyschoepflin 11/21/2014

TC Electronic RH450 : charlyschoepflin's user review

«  serious design flaw! »

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Transistor amp ... with 3 presets, compressor, eq 4 band semi para DI output, AES ...
So why this catastrophic view?
See more!


It could not be simpler ...


Good diversity in the sounds, the final touches will be the choice of the associated speakers.
Especially good power into 4 ohms.


I'm bassist for over thirty years and I have tried many brands and models, I had the Mesa 400+ bass, Gallien ...

Since 04/2012 or I bought this head TC, I was very happy, especially weight and portability, but the sound ...
except perhaps the extreme fragility of buttons knobs on the front. (+ the first pedal LC4 command did not work, changed Guarantee)
They break the first pull / disassembly for cleaning the front and then they no longer hold the knobs. (Broken rear claws on almost all buttons, forced to paste) rather means for the "high end".
These buttons much beyond steel chassis, making them very vulnerable, especially for a so-called "nomadic" head!
The most serious is that behind these buttons there is an electronic card that is "cash received by the various efforts these pots too exposed!

So in September 2014, while the two-year warranty is exceeded for about six months, the drama!

Here I turn on the amp and ... more his or so:
rotten sound, but with very random and erratic over the settings of the knobs on the front panel answers ...

After consulting TC for the repair, I Mélisson shipped to Paris.
I just received their repair quote!
€ 273.76 to repair a head two and a half years! which is still € 700 (we can hope some reliability).
I say that it has not undergone any fall, it has not been abused or subjected to intensive tour and it is transported in a padded case, buttons up.

Verdict: the PCBA board, P18301, 1038 MAINBOARD to change ... The card receives the knobs ... Coincidentally ...

BIG design flaws!
If the metal shell was wider, the knobs are simply immune to shocks and stresses, and I think it is possible to design buttons that support the manipulation, even Behringer arrives!

After consulting TC not care! (Expired warranty) not recognized design fault ...
C'mon ...

I am very disappointed with the reliability of the head, however, was also very satisfying for me!

So, I think this will be my last product from TC, this damage is not a good pub!
A wise!