TC Electronic RH450

RH450, Bass Guitar Amp Head from TC Electronic in the RH Amps series.

niais 09/26/2009

TC Electronic RH450 : niais's user review


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For it features truly impressive and there's already everything you need on the web: (videos have front and back) (description of innovations) (connectors and external features)

4 Kg, 450 W into 4 Ohms minimum. Amplification: Active Power Management ™, Class-D amplifier that allows a performance equal to the return of any amp lamps. For them, the RH450 is a 450W all-tube amp or a transistor amp 800W. With just one speaker in 8 Ohms, so 300W is already enough to play with the 100 W lamp from scratch all thrived.

EQ 4 band semi-para, TubeTone, Gain, Master, compressor, volume preset tuner, mute.
3 presets to save its settings, for me it would have taken at least 5.

So 9 / 10 knowing that everything is very good.</span>

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Despite the many functions, the configuration of the RH450 is simple and the manual available online in several languages ​​(including French) is accurate (and for once it is useful).
The main functions are accessible: gain with peak indicator, 4-band EQ and TubeTone can sculpt the sound.
By pressing the shift button you can access functions to more advanced: a compressor (which works), setting frequency and volume of EQ presets.
The tuner works continuously, it is as practical as a handheld tuner when it engages the mute mode.
Easily obtained a good sound and the settings are very effective.

After several hours of use, it is always as intuitive. I notice that the race was almost ineffective Master to the first stop. But hey, no one buys a powerful amp to play 1 / 10 volume (or when using the headphone output !)...


Frankly versatile, I got all kinds of sound I was looking for. (Blues, jazz, rock, funk, rhythm'n'blues, reggea), the treble is clear.
I have not managed to find one for his slap right away (in a 1 / 2 H, so little time), but there are many videos with that amp slappeurs. TubeTone allows the sounds or even saturated fats by pushing a little. Without TubeTone was defined sounds great but not really hi-fi: the RH450 is really a small grain.
JazzBass and Corvette $ $ 's proof.

Edit: for the slap, that's it. Try more with Precision: there is serious!


I tested and compared with a stack MarkBass Little Mark Tube for 3 / 4 of an hour. So I tried the MarkBass, of Ashdown, Trace of Eliot, the EBS, SWR, Ampeg's, the EDEN, the Hiwatt, Fender and ...............

I chose the TC as I search the versatility and the head is ultra-versatile and intuitive: I have found many of the sounds I need in seconds. Also the build quality is as good sound quality.
However it is unfortunate to offer only three presets on an amp as versatile.

That's an opinion (a little) more objective than what can be found on the manufacturer's website and in the mags.