Ampeg B-100R
Ampeg B-100R
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chicomoreno 05/12/2006

Ampeg B-100R : chicomoreno's user review


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Two-jack connector input and output line
Three switches, high, mid and low. Settings: volume low, low medium, medium high, treble and master
-No effect


The configuration is no one bit simpler and I immediately found my manual without the weight and the only inconvenient but at least we're on it does not fly


I play metal but I just tate all the styles I play with a Cort NB4 LH is a great sounding amp is neutral but has a grain Ampeg supper that can be found in all lamps ( I said a supper) but for a transistor is crazy love everything about this amp apart from the aesthetic in the early days. The little trick is to push the master 8, no prs, and the sound is present.
The only problem is the power and yet there is in 200w.


I use it for six months, I will not let go, I love it. I love the sound and as I said in a gene metalheads external appearance a bit, but it is fast because the sound is l.
While the list will begin before you buy I try everything ampeg BA115 (the twiter too noisy) fender (too high), Hartke (without soul and yet I have one), Hughes and Kettner (bof ), Carvin, Laney, Berhinger, trace elliot .... I just have not found my sound is all, but I respect the other brands if everything jous bassists on the same brand, be sad. Then the ratio quality price is really not good I have bought 370euros (stroke of luck), but otherwise I took Hartke but the quality is there no doubt because I see him do all the colors and we need to do saturate.
If I had not had this opportunity, 'I will not get it made, even when it's nine 900euros is not nothing.