Ampeg B-100R
Ampeg B-100R
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MGR/Golem 10/12/2004

Ampeg B-100R : MGR/Golem's user review

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Daddys Junky Music. It was about $400 in
2000 or 2001. I bought it because every
time I shopped for a Bass ax at Daddys the
ax sounded better in the store than when I
got it home. I realized I almost always
plugged into the B100R at Daddys, meaning
the sound was more dependant on that amp
than on which axes I bought [and returned,
time after time ..... ]

The wheels are cool because it weighs [an
uncool] 70lb/33kg. It's big and sturdy
enough to sit on, so I do.

Seperate input gain and output master are
important to me, and the 4-knob EQ is as
elaborate as I need.

The tone is VERY cool, makes an electric
bass sound just like an electric bass if
you know what I'm saying there. No need
to twirl the knobs to their extremes just
to play "normal" bass, which leaves some
room to dial up some color, fix the room,
compensate for strings, etc.

I'm not big on FX but it would be useful
to have the FX loop anyway for various
reasons. The weight is probably typical
of a 15" bass combo, but I find it hard
to lug up a flight or two of stairs.

It's a 100W all solid state 15" combo of
typical size and weight. There's a pair
of large tubular ports on the rear. The
sockets for snap-in casters are in place
right out of the box, but you have to buy
the casters as options. Grille is cloth.

Aside form the 4-knob EQ, there are three
"Ultra" buttons for low-mid-high and they
are useful. Has line-out but no FX loop,
and inputs marked "0" and "-15db". Power
switch is decent old-school metal toggle
style. [I really distrust plastic rocker
switches.] All controls are in a recess
at the upper rear edge.

It's a very typical Ampeg unit in both
quality of construction and in its tone.
Even if you get tired of hauling it out
to gigs, it makes a great practice amp
and extra seating in your practice space.
It has never given me any trouble even
though it spent every day in the [capped]
bed of my pick-up for a couple years.
We've run bass AND guitar into it at the
same time and it never sounded stressed.
It's also a great guitar amp for those
who actualy like the "native" sound of
their guitar.

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