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MGR/Anonymous 07/31/2001

Ampeg B-50R : MGR/Anonymous's user review

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I purchased the Diamond Blue Bass B50R at my local Guitar Center for $371. After reading that it had won the combo shoot-out at, I went to check it out and agreed with the review.

Sweet killer tones eminate from this unit. The lows shake the house warmly, the highs ring true (without sounding brittle), and when you go from the lows to the highs the transitions are smooth. My other amp (a fender) has a 15 inch speaker with 400 watts, and I prefer playing through my B50R. Oh, and the retro look draws admiring comments.

The B100R has several more features. While I was not looking for a 100 watt unit, I would have paid a little extra for the features in their 50 watt model. And wheels would have been appreciated.

This unit is solid and lives up to the ampeg name / tradition. I'll bet Jamerson would have one in his home if he were alive today.

Unless you need special features (such as a line in to play along with CDs), buy it.

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