Ashdown Five Fifteen
Ashdown Five Fifteen

Five Fifteen, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ashdown in the All Access series.

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matstgf 12/23/2010

Ashdown Five Fifteen : matstgf's user review

«  Ideal for beginners »

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Audience: Beginners
transistor amplifier, 100w, an input jack, 3 outputs (headphone, speaker, line in / cd)
4potards low, medium, and gain trebble.

speaker 15 "


the configuration is very simple, perhaps too much, but at least we do not share in the anything.
Ultra sound is round, hot, ashdown what!
Unfortunately we can not get a good crunch sound dirty. is specific to the ear point bar!


I play a bit of everything, deathcore right now, but for folk, soft rock and quiet I plug my acoustic bass! wow total symbiosis sound is so clean and so round.


I use it for 3 4 years, I really like the 15 "which gives a really nice, the price / quality ratio is interesting for a first purchase.
this is my "first amp I had before the laney and also Beringher, but really is not comparable, it was the same ... yuck

with the experience I will not go this choice simply because I spend in the ranges above because of the stage but I recommend it.
ps: I had a little problem with my amp ashdown, fuses had blown, but do not worry it's not the amp that is of poor quality, it's just that I left it plugged in too long but the service is perfect belly: no extra charge and UPS come and get you home and back! Today I still turn to leave two days away and yet everything is always perfect, indeed not lie to you, it does not heat, and does not lose intensity.