Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo
Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo

MAG C410T-300 Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ashdown in the MAG series.

Tom We Killed The Fly 10/04/2010

Ashdown MAG C410T-300 Combo : Tom We Killed The Fly's user review


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I pass on the technical aspects that have taken t prcdement.

For cons, I would like an add-ins information:

This combo provided 307W into 4 Ohms, which means it does not itself provide 307W, but 200W (maximum output up by his 4 * 10 "). This is provided that integrates the head 307W.

Therefore, a possible add-ins. You can add a cab over to have the add-ins, which I intend to do elsewhere. Probably with a deep 115 II 200W. Small cabinet cheap, which would really blow 307W swing. In addition, the advantage is that it does not work exactly the same frequency range as the combo is 4 * 10, so that you'll have a nice little 1 * 15 "end to shake the walls ^ ^ This CAB will take over the role of complement hardcore, or back! ^ ^
This is a dtail but it took a direct ashdown mail to confirm this fact. (Mail you can find on the latest product forum topic)

In short, Amplifiers 200W? "And then" I have to say! because frankly, he balances serious! I did 2 years of repeats and some concerts. There is nothing wrong. His


nickel, amps sprinkles it right!


I play this amp rock pechu more or less, but anything can happen. I used a CORT RB5 it to finally put me on a jazz bass marcus miller active. The 5th string CORT never possible problem on the combo.


The only thing a bit hard with this combo is its weight, but frankly, my hand to descend stairs rehearsal room ... I associate the weight of a robust amp a cot. And I can tell you he has seen all the colors! he does not flinch. It's a beefy amps and exudes confidence.

Besides the weight, I buy personal 20euros for folding a little devil that I simply changed the life:)

Report qualitprix ... how to say ... It's great. especially with the big marketing coup last two years.

What I like ... all, his mouth, his sound, his possibility of extension, the DI output, its output tuner, its effects loop .... Fassil its use.

I also like the sales department and customer service ... Both are super responsive. I bought a small bag nickel on their site. It happened in 2 days and nickel protects my stuff.