Behringer Ultrabass BX1800
Behringer Ultrabass BX1800

Ultrabass BX1800, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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Grenouillère 03/25/2013

Behringer Ultrabass BX1800 : Grenouillère's user review

«  Simple, efficient, scalable ... »

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For specifications, see previous opinion!
Otherwise this is a transistor amp 180 W (RMS) which supplies a HP Bugera 200 w 4 ohms. The connections are simple: entrance instruments / CD in (RCA type) to play on an external / FX loop / DI out (very handy for transplanting!) / Phones (to play in silence!).
Rear: no connections! just food!
Too bad there was not the possibility to add an extra cab! It's a bit limiting use "live". And weight! In 30 kgs ... This is the downside of this combo.


For configuration: you set the input level, output level, and it fits with equation 4 band: bass / low mid / high mid and trebble. It is very simple! Note that indeed the equation actually plays the sound and modulates with more bass or more mid / high ... Everyone will find the sound he wants: the slamming of heavy Dub ...
Sound: perfectly transcribed bass sound, so with a "good" bass sound is excellent, with a low average ...

Note the presence of a switch - 6 dB useful for active basses or a preamp that sends a lot!

The switch "Shape"?? Actually it does not provide much if not put a lot of bass and cut the mids / highs. Finally it serves me ever since the equation is sufficient in itself ... I would have preferred a compressor! Or external speaker output ... And yes, I find really bad for a 180 W amp be able to pair it with a box and more. This would be able to play "live" say in clubs, restaurants, bars ... For scenes of 500 people, I would opt for something else!
Albeit a good sound, as it is a DI??

Config in rehearsals, it is very well and avoids putting fortunes in the fridge that you can not use or carry. I always wonder why some repeated with 600 w amps???!

So for transport: better not have back problems or muscle of goldfish. It is heavy! But beyond that it is not practical because there is a handle on top! Would have been better 2 side handles. For the lack of ergonomics I put 9.


Sounds?? Well those of a good kind hartke bass combo, fender, ampeg, etc. ... I have several config (head, cabinets, combos) and sincerely that little behringer is doing very well! The sound is round, powerful bass, adjustable ... Brief ideal for a round and straight. It supports very well the pedals, overdrive, flanger ... With either JB or P bass, everything goes well while keeping the sound of your bass. It is not really typical. on the other hand it has very powerful bass. I even often forced to lower the knob "bass" of the equation because if it's really heavy.
Pushing the input gain, do not expect to saturate! The sound is always right. Same gain in depth, it does not distort the sound!
After power level I have not tested live, but I play with repeated gain and half the master tier is even about half (knowing that plays VERY loud, like mandatory caps!). So he has a power reserve! Pity that his side impractical if the yield ch *** to carry. Otherwise I would use it willingly live.

I do not hate really sounds because this is the kind of combo that will not let you down, the sound is always present and entitled. Function good shape, except for the "dub", I see no interest! After it is not typed as a trace or Ampeg, but for what I do, it's perfect!


I've had a few weeks ... I took especially for the price (initially)! The guy who sold it to me has really sold a pittance given the power in stock! I was looking for an amp to leave the room without repeated cold sweat whenever I left the room. Who have had or behringer amp harley benton, I knew it would do the trick!
Amps I have had a lot and I have some more ... Sincerely for less than € 100 it's a great combo amp for beginners or extra, or even back up your gear if you loose the day before the concert!
I'm trying to change by installing a HP 8 ohms and installing external speaker output to be able to add a second HP ... And again I think it might surprise me!

With experience for the same price, I repeat the same! For the price of a 35 w OCCAZ an amp that I can well "fun" and can be used in a lot of situations!