Behringer Ultrabass BX600
Behringer Ultrabass BX600

Ultrabass BX600, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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MGR/Behringer-hater 11/28/2003

Behringer Ultrabass BX600 : MGR/Behringer-hater's user review

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Purchased in Feb. '03 from American Musical fro $115.00 plus shipping. Purchased because of perceived value based of feature/price ratio.

Many features including 3-band Eq, passsive & active inputs, tape in, line out as well as headphone jacks. Very portable (not too heavy).

Upon delivery of the amp, the packaging was so badly damaged that I took photographs of it before opening the box as a precaution in case there was any damage to the actual unit. There was no visible damage but I was surprised to find no power cord and no English language owner's manual in the box. I contacted AMS and they sent out a power cord and manual.

After about 4 months of gentle use as a practice amp, it developed a loud buzzing noise whenever certain notes were played. This happens even at low volume. Since it was past the 45-day period, American Musical Supply would not accept a return. After sending several unanswered emails to, I found the telephone number for your US office.

When I contacted Behringer customer service department, I was given a return authorization number. I told the Service Administrator that assisted me that I was unhappy with Behringer's policy requiring the customer to pay the shipping costs to their authorized repair center. The customer service rep. indicated that I would have to ship the amp to a service center in NYC at my own expense to have it repaired. It cost over $20 to have the amp shipped to the repair center.

I contacted American Musical Supply's customer service department but they would not do anything to help me with this issue. When I spoke to their customer service manager, she said, "That's the risk you take when ordering products on the Internet."

After receiving the unit back from the repair center, I tested the unit and the problem has NOT been resolved. The unit continues to buzz very loudly whenever certain notes are played on the bass guitar. This unit is obviously defective.

The quality of this unit is in my opion, very poor to the the ongoing issue with the buzzing. Other than that, the physical contruction of the cabinet seems to be sound.

Buyer beware! I would not recommend purchasing any equipment from Behringer or American Musical Supply. The customer service for both companies is poor. The quality of the Behringer product is very poor. They do not have a developed service network in the US.

Before purchasing a product on-line, find out where the companies nearest repair center is located. Stick to manufacturers that have local repair centers to avoid shipping costs.

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