Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A
Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A

Ultrabass BXL3000A, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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cajunthierry 11/12/2008

Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A : cajunthierry's user review


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300 W transistors
output jack and XLR line out, effects loop
2 channels: one clear, one disto
PDAL one can switch from one channel to another, and to initiate the ULTRABASS
between cd


The 7-band equalizer allows you to sculpt the sound quite easily.
The manual is clear


I play Celtic music, was suitable for himself and deep enough.
That said, the HP aluminum cash out the slap ...
I play with a low STAGG BFL 300 (fretless) (read my review for this bass)
I just put the strings D'Addario chrome mesh dish ... it is with this amp.

The Stagg 300 as an instrument "entry level" (however correct for a price trs infrieur 200), I guess pretty well what this toy can send with a low medium or high range!

Before I was playing on a AMPEG B2: when looking for the trs hot soup on BXL is less comfortable, but trs on: lowering the bridge pickup volume and adjusting the curve of EQ, even in reggae is done!

no complaints to make, so the sound!


I've had four months.

What I like most: Reserved power (even with just one drummer ct nerv has held the pond!) The relatively Reduces the Faculty to lay flat or inclined as a return of scne.

Cons: ONLY one fist on top. Weight (27 kg) combined with the volume and shape a bit specially: I recommend to eat before the wrestle down stairs.

One regret: the footswitch for channel change and / or octave ultrabass tmoins is not equipped with lights that are on the faade. When in doubt, NCESS to turn their backs to the public to see if the distortion or ultrabass in office.
Incidentally, the ULTRABASS, I compare a one octave, with the default inhrents; dcrochage signal NCESS a strong attack on pain of flanchage.

Warning: when the bb is the rototo, attention eardrums. During the last concert, I had put in a position inclined to get along. Rsultat: Nause of beginners. it sends really strong through the membrane of the ALU HP, so do not stay in front of the mouth of the dragon! has reminded me of the 70s, when we returned five hours in the morning 'with ears that vibrated more ...
Tip: During the scales in empty rooms long reverb time, I put my bag and my jacket derrire the amp, to absorb some of the trs low frequencies sent by the 3 winds Rear ... otherwise, Reduces Power even has stuck pretty ... Ditto for those who want a "cabaret" ...
I recommend digging on the EQ, the band of 63 Hrz, for security for the ears.

Quality-price ratio: trs good amp for a "road" (master 1.5, 5 max gain, I can see myself playing in a bossa club. Master 7, as vrifier the organizer is ensured "broken windows" ... Master background: Nan-nan-nan!

Exprience with it the price there's no picture: I would do this choice.