Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A
Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A

Ultrabass BXL3000A, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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Hankey 09/19/2008

Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A : Hankey's user review


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The Behringer ULTRABASS BXL 3000A is a bass combo whose CHARACTERISTICS are:

- 300 Watts 4ohms
- HP 15 "BUGERA (TM) with aluminum cone!
- 608 x 466 x 418 mm and 27.45 kgs
- 2 channels
- Functions and distortion ultrabass
- Systm FBQ
- Musical limiter


So to start, there are plenty of I / O jack ^ ^:
- At the front: an input (hopefully: p) - 1 headphone
- At the rear: line out 1 - 2 fx insert (1 send, 1 return) - a football sw
- Still has the rear, but not jack: 1 DI out and a CD in LR

There's also a lot of knobs:
- One for rgler the volume of the channel 1 (ie the channel "all bte")
- Three channel 2, which is the saturated channel: volume between the effect of intensity, volume "when the effect is appliququot; (because yes, the volume increases when the high effect is activated)
- One for the compressor
- One for the ULTRABASS
- A Master volume (yes, finally ^ ^) for rgler the output volume of the bte

In the middle of the front, the equalizer with FBQ 7 faders.

APRS test, the knobs are, I think, very prcis, and we get easily the sound we want. The faders are also prcis, but it's not even millimtre PRS against ... There is a small "click" to block them in a central position, not bad. There is a way to leave them on (small solid red Lumire on each) or choose to let light in terms of what we play. L on the other hand, you have to play for them FORT ragissent and light ...

The two main effects (distortion and ultrabass) can be activated by pushing the corresponding buttons, which when activated s'clairent, but also thanks to a two switch pedals supplied with the amp, it's really nice. They plug into the FOOT SW jack the rear.

There are the Insert FX that are practical enough to add a multi-purpose or even without a tuner mute out.

The manual is short (for each language eh, because while it is still same pais ... ^ ^) and could not be more clear.

A real problem arises in cons: There is only one fist on top, and it's really hard move ... (That's why I put 8)


I find the sound really good, knowing that I spend an Ashdown Behringer 300W 30W ah a ...

The sound "neutral" sounds really good, serious as acute, then there's the same when cne alu ...

The channel "saturquot; gives really good too, even if AC is not worth an effect pedals SPECIFICATIONS (but it seems pretty empty)

The ULTRABASS is nice, ca REALLY gives the octave and more ...

Power is terrible! I had to push back Ashdown (10) to cover a battery. Now, even in the rpt, the master of 2 - 2.5 is more than enough to cover the battery.

Good to know: I play mainly Mtal / Rock on a Cort C5Z (=> 5 strings)


I use it for about one month, we'll see over time ...

330 pay for a product from a reseller (so probably a lot cheaper on the net), I think it's really a great deal!

J'espre he's not going to sitt lcher me ^ ^

Obviously, I would do this choice, but hey, we'll see in a year or two ...

(I'm not 10, because I do not think that something is declare it perfect ^ ^)