Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A
Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A

Ultrabass BXL3000A, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Behringer in the Ultrabass series.

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Flo Jobb 12/11/2006

Behringer Ultrabass BXL3000A : Flo Jobb's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
300-watt amplifier,
Hp 15-inch aluminum-cone (which makes a big difference from the "simple" BXL3000 (without A))
-2 Channels a "normal", the other distortion or just a little more boost, with a function "shape" for "awesome sound."
7-band graphic equalizer-, FBQ Spectrum Analyzer (we will see below), a master, a gain for each channel (the one on channel 2 is used for the intensity of the distortion, there's a level for that channel knob ), a compressor, a ultrabass (low octave)
One-line input
Two-output direct (one in the other XLR jack)
An entry-cd etc ... little use given the presence of the amp in the bass (it's a bass amp at the same time ^ ^)
An insert-effect (in / out)
A significant and ever-pedal switch for channel and ultrabass. might have been expected to be able to switch the compressor, but hey let's not quibble either.


Nickel is an amp at the same time so there's no way to turn a 36 knob. The graphic equalizer is super convenient to have the sound you want.
The FBQ Spectrum Analyzer is fun but not very useful: When the triggers, the frequencies of the equalizer shine more or less intensely, making it possible to adjust them.
It said its own when you want it totally useless. This allows just beginning to understand graphic equalizer slowly (yes it's been a lot of buttons at once ^ ^)


Ben strength, with 300 watts, not expect an amp room ^ ^
The Master set to "1", the walls tremble already ^ ^ so no worries for concert rehearsals and cafes, even a drummer quite violent.
It's not good after all, it's quite normal that the sound is a powerful 300 watts, yet it must follow that the quality!

Well for now I have absolutely not been disappointed, a huge presence in the bass and treble in the aluminum cone. I tested in stores BXL3000 and I remained very skeptical because it sounded horrible and lacked slap in Treble, with its very deaf. The BXL3000 A is totally different, the HP really changes everything.
By digging a little EQUAL mediums and activating the compressor, we take it easy for marcus miller or flea ^ ^
From there, and given the flexibility of the equalizer, all sounds are possible, jazz, funk, to heavy rock or otherwise with a large presence in the midrange, this amp can do absolutely everything.

Personally I play a little bit of everything (funk, rock, metal, pop, jazz) and I've always been able to find the sound I needed, I usually dig the mediums with a large presence in the low and the acute, activating the compressor if necessary.

Another good point is that it does not alter the sound of the bass, I tested several basses over and each time the difference is obvious.

In terms of effects, ultrabass is nice, the amp is specially designed to have an excellent record in the low (see serious ^ ^) notes an octave below do not interfere with absolutely no HP, which is quite rare to be emphasized. This is original enough to slap the game, it adds a lot of presence.

The distortion (or channel 2) is still light enough to it, I find it unfortunate that we can not push a little further, she lacks a bit of fishing. To be used from time to time, but you will not sound like a muse hysteria.

Needless to say, with 300 watts, it is widely be repeated without pushing the amp into a corner. I have tested for the moment that position until the middle volume, and it still not saturated. My ears are not ready to go further for now ^ ^


It is now a month since I have this amp, I have not tested in concert but it is repeated more than enough, once again its presence in the bass is simply staggering, and the aluminum cone goes back quite a bit treble.
I was torn between this amp and a fender rumble 100, and I must say that I am not disappointed, for the same price (or less) there's no photo.
I paid 290 at the site of a German dealer (about 350 in store), and is an excellent value for money. I prefer it even to a ampeg on which I played in the box again.
The only downside (not negligible) is its weight: 27 kg, with just one handle on top, it's very fair to take him!