Fender BXR 200
Fender BXR 200

BXR 200, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the BXR series.

MGR/Misled Youth 02/02/2002

Fender BXR 200 : MGR/Misled Youth's user review

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I got this amp at g n' c music store in pitston Pa. i paid $440 . with a 5 year warenty

this is a great amp for just about any skill level but because of it's size i recamend to only picking one up if you are in a band . it has a lot of power plus a closed back, i play lots of shows and i still haven't turned it up past 5!! it comes with a corus effect built in and a pedal for it. it is also good for running vocals through. the BXR 200 comes with one 18'' sub woffer and a very nice equilizer . the amp has all around great tone for any musical style. and is not extremely pricy.

heavy, no wheels on bottom.

well it's fender so you could beat the shitout of it and it will still work fine...if not better. i give this thing a licking just about every gig for about 2 years and it's holding strong.

great amp! can't kick some serious ass

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