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Fender Frontman 15B
Fender Frontman 15B
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MGR/Beginner with experience MGR/Beginner with experience

« Fender Frontman 15B »

Publié le 02/27/04 à 15:00
I got this amp 6 months ago to begin my career as a bass guitarist. I got it at Long and McQuade in a pack with a squier Affinity P bass. I'm not exactly a big fan of the bass guitar, but the amp is good. I paid $400 canadian for the whole pack, But I estimate the amp alone would cost around $120.

This is a good amp that gives a nice round sound. It has a retro style net infront of it, which suits it. It has four knobs to control its sound: the volume control, low end control, mid range control, and low end control. It has a headphone jack, which is good for practicing at night or in situations where you would like to practice but cannot make noise. It sounds nice if you are fingerpicking, which is my usual style. This amp is perfect for practicing alone.

The amp is not practical at all if you want to play with a drummer, even if you set all the controls to high settings. When I play with a drummer I usually borrow my jam buddies 200 watter. The only way that you will even be heard through a drummer and a single guitarist is if you are playing slap. This amp sounds horrible playing slap, no matter what kind of bass you are using, and does not sound too good if you're playing with a pick. The amp tends to crack a bit if the low end pitch is at high settings, and does not emphasize high ends if you set the high end high. Once you exceed volume level four, the sound that the amp puts out cracks heavily, and is heavily distorted, so attempting to play with another musician is pointless if you want your amp to sound any good at all. Do not buy this amp if you are looking to use it to play with other musicians frequently.

This amp is very easy to haul around with you, and doesn't take up to much room, with it being not much more than a cubed foot in size. It has a very sturdy handle on top which can be pushed down flat. It is a pretty tough unit, I have knocked it around while carrying it and it can put big dents in the walls it hits without so much as scratching the unit. It is built nice and strong so I can sit on it while playing.

This amp is ideal if you are a beginner, and for practicing alone, but if you are just taking up bass and thinking of playing quite frequently with a drummer then buy a 30 watt. The headphone jack is excellent, but has a big jack so unless you have a set of headphones that have a big plug, then pick up a headphone jack converter for an extra 2 bucks. This is a good purchase if you have a bigger amp but want something smaller to practice with at a decent volume.

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