Fender Rumble 25 Combo
Fender Rumble 25 Combo

Rumble 25 Combo, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Fender in the Rumble series.

Cimerian 03/02/2008

Fender Rumble 25 Combo : Cimerian's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Bass combo amp, while transistor with a non-red at the bottom of the cabinet who fawn Tunning Ragit the sound ....!!!

25 watts RMS
2 inputs, passive and active (Hi, Low)
4 pots, Volume, Bass, Mdium, Treble
1 Effects Loop
1 Headphone

The all black carpet, and eight plastic corner protectors on the corners
Too heavy, and very stable on the ground.

No output Hp external damage ... Certainly avoid breakage caused by failure to reconnect the hp home by the "rookie's users".


Configuration: "We simply can not!"

The sound is more than adequate, it is easy to have a well rounded with good lower chest, "said Doudou's so."

Trslger manual is simple and clear.


This receiver is intended for use versatile studio.
Dlivre power by 25 watts ad is more than sufficient.

The test of this amp has performed with a t Ibanez BTB MODEL active 4-string, and DIFFERENT effects loop.


Use for 4 days!

Amp + not "drooling" not with all frquences standards.

--- Headphone making us discovering the sea and the mistral .... A zero-volume without any guitar part!
Unusable output, except for wooden ears, designers have only tried it?

- Any effect plac loop increases the breath!
He is an advisor to a gate derrire the chaining effect
Trial in parallle:

Markbass Mini CMD 121P:
Internal compression non dblocable, but enjoyable, a button to go from the serious acute and the problem arises for a round, not possible!
Bowl quickly blurred and do not support the power of the amp.
DEFINITIONS trs play in low volume, with only a low frequency drives dlivrant little acute.

Hartke B30:
Not enough prsence, severe lack of roundness

I consider the report qualitprix unbeatable, and only seeing APRS derrire the amp, the origin of manufacture Indonsienne I understand this relationship between technology and a mastery of hand Lumber more than cheap ...
You say politically correct and equitable?

With more time to choose, I eesay the new Ampeg 50 watt, but not too powerful and the same price!

But I think this amp is no apparent personality out of all situations, so I do it again this choice in this power range and prices!