Gallien Krueger 700RB-II/210
Gallien Krueger 700RB-II/210

700RB-II/210, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Gallien Krueger in the RB series.

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thomagouille 11/07/2010

Gallien Krueger 700RB-II/210 : thomagouille's user review

«  super combo! »

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Value For Money : Excellent
For the characteristics, if rfrer to review the 1001RB2: this is the same but with a 700RB2 head (320W / 8ohm, 480w / 4ohms: ample power o has either!).


Configuration, despite some knobs more than the simplest amps parat me quite clear and effective ... no need to manual.

It is easy to get the sound! For my part: all flat rglages with musicman, adpote! I put a little "contour" to supplement the sound (actually dig mdiums) in some cases and that's it. With the bass, I cut some serious, I back the amp tweeter (yes: it is "bi-amplified"), and has not hurt too.


It is suitable for music that I play, but I sell it for more bass amplification axis.

You can really go through all the styles but it's an amp's warm and dpote foremost; I compar of markbass (it to me so Vant): ben a "soft shit" the Italian brand ... and it's cold ... so that there's " growl! " I find typ between EBS and Ampeg (there worst as references lol!), This is a personal opinion ...

I play an old musicman Sterling US, an Ibanez sr 6 strings, bass ... has done with everything I find (but a bit too colorful for my characters bass needs).


I use it for a year bientt, I tried a lot of stuff before and others since ... I remain a fervent admirer of the Gallien-Krueger lol!
I love the sound and also his reclining cot (super convenient feedback on a scene!). on the other hand it is heavy (it's not markbass lol!).
Very good value qualitprix.
With the experience I would do this choice if bass n'tait not taking more importance to me than the lower, pushing me orient myself on something more ... but spcialis I love the sound of this combo!