Gallien Krueger 700RB-II/210
Gallien Krueger 700RB-II/210

700RB-II/210, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Gallien Krueger in the RB series.

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thomagouille 10/26/2010

Gallien Krueger 700RB-II/210 : thomagouille's user review

«  Super combo »

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Value For Money : Excellent
For characteristics see the head 700RB2 (the same) and the baffle RBX210. Basically, it is the same combo that 1001RB2 / 210 but with the head 700RB2. adlivre 320W, with a monte 480 SECOND baffle.

Combo Tilt, handy for not chasing after a flight case for surlev. Wheels (some fragile) poignertractable (he carries as a large suitcase on flat, otherwise it is heavier lol!).

Connection complte (bi-amplification, with volume and DI rglage prpost equal, effects loop, etc).


Simple configuration but somewhat diffrente the majority of amps, you get used in 30 seconds ... no need to manual.
I love the sound so GK yes, I easily found a good sound: musicman rings with flat rglages! For bass (instrument for which this amp served me mostly), I cut some bass and low-mid, I go a little tweeter to hear the cot "fingers rub" and is nickel.
Missing more than a small compressor, for I was a little down my notes!


I play the song, hip hop, jazz, funk, reggae ... a happening everywhere! I love the warmth of the sound of this amp (which is obviously not at all lamps 3 times more expensive but prampli the lamp and the great quality of the electronics do their job!). The highs are not aggressive but are prsents (useful for slap bass ...), the bass is despite the config 2 * 10 (I have not tried to him a branch 15 inches but more needs to send!)


I use it for 9 months, I tried a few things ... there's no DIFFERENT photos: GK sounds (much better than MarkBass I find, for it is against heavier!).

The particular feature I like least is its weight (small but heavy, 36kg), what I like most is the sound that comes out!

Very good report qualitprix (1000 euros in stores, a little less on the Net), see in the hard but normally the Made in USA ... a must.

Choice I would do if I was not playing more bass than low dsormais. So I put on sale to find something more suited (a bass with the fact but we always want better is not it?).