Hartke VX3500
Hartke VX3500

VX3500, Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Hartke in the VX series.

braize 12/17/2004

Hartke VX3500 : braize's user review


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Transistor amplifier
prampli with a lamp and then transistor
rglage of pramp: choice of the gain of the lamp and the gain of the transistor
bass and treble court trs effective qualiseur Figure 10 band switchable
XLR output
effects loop with SETTING THE send / return
hp 4 * 10 "
Roulette (very practical given the weight of the beast about 40kg)
between active and passive
350w in 4ohm 240w into 8 ohms (since there is only one speaker here is the 240w)


Trs simple it grows well on a lamp pramp a little that of the transistor with a compression hair (just to say to make because I do not really see the diffrence with and without) on APRS rule and finally the contour qualiseur graph. the good should not be spending a little more time (5 a10mn if it is not often double sound) for rglage really perfect. Besides, qualiseur is very practical for the 5-string bass (I use) as far down 33Hz so well can boost bass notes trs


Really nothing to say that the TRS is Hartke's good! of course I prfr svt3 a pro with an Ampeg 8 * 10 ca t aur better but 750 euros is really unbelievable how much has it cost the good speaker is very s also can be good in some time I would add it a 1 * 15 "for more power and good bass but not really necessary c the amp itself sounds good by itself is APRS prciser I use a 5 string active bass with a good prampli trs (btb505 ibanez) but still it sounds really good trs


The only point that Ngati was really super bulky and it weighs its weight if the guy really perfect c especially at this price (thank you guitar studio lille ;-))
power is sufficient to always find a rpeter work together in small rooms
I would do recess this choice the only regret it is impossible to do so if I saturate more than twice as namely that g bah I will pay a genre that saturates an ampeg svt kk or something like that but the good is not playing in the same court