Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)
Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)

SW35 (Discontinued), Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ibanez in the Sound Wave series.

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MGR/Andee 11/02/2003

Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued) : MGR/Andee's user review

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It cost around US$140 at Sumber Irama, an Ibanez dealer at Jakarta. First I was looking for a 20-25 watts amp, but the Fender Bassman 25 was too expensive - though it was excellent. They don't have the SoundWave 20 so I take this one.

There's a sticker on it that says this thing is an "Earthquaker" or somekind like that. Well, I guess Ibanez was not joking about this. First time I try it at home, I shook the whole house when I slap the E string. I don't know how to set it yet so I put the volume at 10. (Hey, my Mom wouldn't bother with this, she's a fan of Queen, Scorpion and Mick Jagger, but I don't know about my neighbours =>;) . Good design and can be tilt-back for stage. There's a CD line-in so I can play along with any song I like. You can connect it to another amp or effect devices. Or use a headphone when you don't wanna disturb others. Nice blue light on the limiter and power-switch.

Hissing when I turn the volume at full. Especially when all EQ at full (+15) position. But I prefer a pure bass sound, so I set it like this:

Gain +15
Bass +15
Middle 0
Treble -15
Presence -15
and then I adjust the volume as I wish, around 5 to 10, while both volumes on my bass are full. With these settings the hissing totally gone.

It was not my bass' fault, cos I try this amp at the shop with an Ibanez SR600 an it shows the same symptom. Try to synchronize the amp and bass until you get the proper sound.

Good. I like the design and black color. Unfortunately the front panel wasn't made from steel (like the Fender Bassman's) so the speaker can be protected in case something accidentally punching through from the front. But it's tough anyway, I sat on it while playing.

Well, if you're looking for in-a-budget home and gig amp, you got one. Sure if you got some extra bux then just grab those Bassmans. This thing maybe not the best amp but, you can learn how to adjust your bass with the amp. As long as you know what kind of sound you want, this amp will give you.

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