Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)
Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)

SW35 (Discontinued), Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ibanez in the Sound Wave series.

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MGR/Mike Gee 11/18/2003

Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued) : MGR/Mike Gee's user review

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A guy at my job suggested it. I listened to it. Then I bought it. I paid $166 including taxes. I bought it at Bill's Music House in Catonsville MD.

I love it, its lows are great for what it is, the tweeter really aids in my funky jazz style. It has many features. I like the price. Its cheaper the other 35 watters, and most other bass amps with the same wattage cost more.

I dont like ummmm the tinking sound every once in a while.

Its heavy. 38 lbs, it has metal corners and the plastic handles hold it.

It does what it was designed to do and does it well. for a nice price. and sounds more like a 50 45 to 50 watt amp.

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