Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)
Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued)

SW35 (Discontinued), Bass Guitar Combo Amp from Ibanez in the Sound Wave series.

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MGR/bassy50 02/24/2006

Ibanez SW35 (Discontinued) : MGR/bassy50's user review

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Have been playing bass about 15 years in weekend gig classic rock bands. Started out with a black face Fender bassman & retired it because it almost got ripped off a few times while I was on break. Got a Yamaha solid state 100 watt that sounded better than the bassman, but it's a very bulky & heavy amp. So I got a Ibanez SW 35.

Got it used for $100 on Ebay. I have gotten other Ibanez stuff over the years & it sounded great & never broke. The SW 35 is only 35 loud watts, but a managable size and weight. I'm getting an other SW 35 so 70 watts & 2 10's will be fine for me.

It's easy to move,well made, Sounds great. 35 watts seems under rated. Coaxial 10" speaker is rated for 100 watts peak. & with a built in limiter just try to blow the speaker. 4 band Eq really works.

I wish the AC powercord was attached. I have forgotten it.

From what I can see it is well built, does not rattle or buzz.

I like it so much I will be buying another one . Most of my gigs are either small clubs or private parties so 2 of these will be loud enough. They will fit in my car easy, aren't too heavy. And if they're like my other Ibanez products, will past the test of time well.

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